Chinese waitress cast on

This cast on is not only stretchy, it also creates a nicely chained edge. There are again many videos of it, this is the one by Knitfreedom is one of those I personally like best. One note – since the method really kicks in at the third “wrap”, I generally cast the first slipnot and work the first two stitches with scrap yarn, then start using the working yarn. In this way the cast on is all uniform.


Author: lovestoswatch

I used to knit as a girl, then hanged the needles for two/three decades, and now I’m back, and loving it! The photo is my version of Linda Marveng's Aki, the first proper project after "being born again". After getting back into knitting, weaving has also become my passion (with a little sewing to turn my handweaving into garments).

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