Rowan Valley Tweed

Manufacturer’s swatch: 24 st x 36 rows for a 10cm x 10cm swatch on 3.25/US 3 needles

My swatch, blocked, 10x10cm need: 
3.25mm/US 3 needles, st st: 27 st x 40 rows 
3.75mm/US 5 needles, st st: 26 st x 36 rows 
4mm/US 6 needles, st st: 24 st x 38 rows 
No changes before and after blocking for the smallest needles, forgot to check for the larger ones.

Manufacturer’s notes: 100% wool tweed yarn, 207m for 50g skein.

My notes: I like the texture very much, but for cables there are better alternatives. Admittedly I haven’t seen a single cabled design in this yarn. Still, it would do if nothing else is available.

It comes into its own for “plain” knitting and colourwork. The swatch is shown in colourway 101 Malham, and I will later add a swatch using 102 Littondale (beige), 103 Raydale (dark brown) and 108 Hardraw (rust orange).

Ravelry link

Author: lovestoswatch

I used to knit as a girl, then hanged the needles for two/three decades, and now I’m back, and loving it! The photo is my version of Linda Marveng's Aki, the first proper project after "being born again". After getting back into knitting, weaving has also become my passion (with a little sewing to turn my handweaving into garments).

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