Year of Projects: week 3

My weaving this week has been cut short by having to travel down south, and the Table loom is not that portable, or at least not for my travelling style!

I was tantalisingly close to finish threading, but alas I still have 48 threads to go: once I get back I think with one more evening of work I should have my warp ready to actually start weaving. Here is where I got to, 624 warp ends threaded:

almost there!

However this meant I had to go back to my knitting, my previous addiction before weaving totally and utterly stole me away. So I did some little progress on my second version of Michelle Wang‘s Squall, a really flattering sweater design for men.

Mr lovestoswatch so much liked version 1that he ordered a second version. I am using once more The Fibre Co Cumbria, the worsted weight version. Beautiful “woolly wool”, very easy to felt join, this is a favourite of mine, both in the fingering and worsted versions. It has gorgeous stitch definition, and for version number 2 I am using a shade called St Bees Beach (version #1 was in Windermere colourway, which is a bluish teal, if any such thing exists).

The cabling for this sweater is very easy, so it is mindless knitting, though with enough interest to make it not boring – and I think it does look beautiful. This is where I’ve got to:

Now that I am past the armhole and with no distractions, I guess progress should go faster. Though I seem to be slow at all my crafting, possibly enjoying the process too much!

This is a year of projects (YOP) update. YOP is a Ravelry Group, and an idea – make a plan for the year ahead for all your fibre activities, then update your blog every week if you manage. The objective is to keep track of progress on any fiber crafts with maximum flexibility: post, don’t post, follow your list, change it – so really it is just an opportunity to get to know of more blogs and activities of those who share a passion for anything fibre crafts. My YOP graphics “nicked” with thanks from Backstageknits!

Author: lovestoswatch

I used to knit as a girl, then hanged the needles for two/three decades, and now I’m back, and loving it! The photo is my version of Linda Marveng's Aki, the first proper project after "being born again". After getting back into knitting, weaving has also become my passion (with a little sewing to turn my handweaving into garments).

24 thoughts on “Year of Projects: week 3”

    1. thanks Kath, and indeed he is – whatever I knit, he always says it is great, and wear the garment till it is threadbare. He can’t be always really that happy with everything I knit, but surely he knows how to make a knitter feel worthy 😜

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  1. What a lovely sweater! Your cables look so even and “clean”, great work! As for the loom … how do you know which thread goes where? Honestly, I would have given up already and probably have run away screaming.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I definitely admire your “warping”? But see all of that I am pretty certain that is not a hobby I will ever take up! LOL! You go girl! I love the squall sweater and the pattern it produces is really cool looking. I can understand why he wants another one!

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  3. My head can’t even imagine putting that many warp threads through, that is going to be a great feeling when it is ready to start weaving. You are right about that yarn giving a crisp definition on the cables, seems the perfect combo of yarn and pattern. As much as I love my husband I am so so glad he runs hot and doesn’t ever need a woolly jumper.

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    1. Well, just a matter of being patient!
      On the jumper, in reality one big plus is that knitting goes faster for his jumpers, as mine are typically in fingering weight, and take forever to finish 😃


  4. Lucky recipient of that sweater! Your warping progress makes me crazy just looking at it. I can only imagine the trouble I would get into with all those lengths!! I look forward to seeing what it will all look like when done.

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  5. I absolutely love the sweater ♥ Weaving fascinates me!! I enjoy watching people working on their weaving! I look forward to seeing more!


    1. thank you – once you get the hang of it they do go quicker than you would think, as you can just work them as “twisted” stitches, so no need of a cable needle. Still, they look quite nice, I really like this designer!


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