Year Of Projects: week 9

Very little to report this week I am afraid – I was on sleeve island, and while I did manage to keep knitting more or less consistently every day, it is slow progress – I judge I am about 30% into the sleeves, which I am knitting at the same time. Having to alternate skeins means I have four balls of yarn to juggle, so I have to have the correct setup to avoid tangles – this is where I got:

Sleeve island – Squall in The Fibre Co Cumbria

I am getting back to my table loom tonight, and will have to press on, also as from mid september I will be joining a “Echo and Iris” workshop led by Marian Stubenistky (the author of “Weaving with Echo and Iris”, “The Stubenistky code” and “Double with a twist”) run by the Online Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers, which is an incredibly exciting prospect!

Existing entirely online, it is one of the guilds of the UK Association of Guilds of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers. I always thought the membership fee was pretty steep (about £90 per year for the UK this is incorrect! I was adding up the annual fees four times over, the 2020 annual fee varies between £18 and £31, depending at what time in the year you join. Thank you @chrismac56 for your correction in the comments); however I joined for free when they made this Covid related offer (this offer does not include copies of the Journal, which is fair enough), and I have to say with such initiatives (here the complete programme for 2020), the membership fee is actually good value for money.

You see, I did manage to stick some weaving into this post nonetheless!😜

This is a year of projects (YOP) update. YOP is a Ravelry Group, and an idea – make a plan for the year ahead for all your fibre activities, then update your blog every week if you manage. The objective is to keep track of progress on any fiber crafts with maximum flexibility: post, don’t post, follow your list, change it – so really it is just an opportunity to get to know of more blogs and activities of those who share a passion for anything fibre crafts.


Author: lovestoswatch

I used to knit as a girl, then hanged the needles for two/three decades, and now I’m back, and loving it! The photo is my version of Linda Marveng's Aki, the first proper project after "being born again". After getting back into knitting, weaving has also become my passion (with a little sewing to turn my handweaving into garments).

18 thoughts on “Year Of Projects: week 9”

    1. thank you, but actually those cables are quite mindless, and the pattern in between repetiteve and simple, so you don’t even have to count where you are. So it can easily be tv knitting, though it does look more elaborate than it actually is!


    1. thank you Lucy – and yes, the class is going to be great I am sure, and I still have to pinch myself that this opportunity exists. Marian Stubenistky is a “celeb weaver”, so kudos to the Guild for managing to book her. Sure, not the same thing as an in person class, but I am sure I will learn a lot!


  1. Sleeve island seems to be going around. Your ‘island’ is so pretty. I like the texture on the sleeves. That guild membership sounds like it includes quite a bit and would be well worth the money spent.

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  2. I joined the online Guild when they offered it free during first lockdown. I struggled to get to grips with the set up and trying to understand the chat and different folders and ended up leaving. I probably wasn’t in the best frame of mind either for learning something.

    I don’t envy you sleeve island. I have a circular tray I use when knitting sleeves at the same time when attached and this may work well for your non attached ones. The 4 balls would sit on the tray spaced out and when you finish one side of the sleeves you lay down the work, spin the tray 180⁰ and then knit the other side and just keep spinning it clockwise and your Yarns shouldn’t get tangled.

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  3. thanks so much on the tray tip, I will definitely try it!

    On the Online Guild, I confess I wasn’t really following much, I did find it confusing to navigate and find information, and so I was idle on it, only getting a daily email digest which I wasn’t more than skimming, and not always. However about a month ago the “Echo and Iris workshop” topic caught my eye, and it pushed me to persevere a bit more, and now I am hooked. I’ll let you know how it goes, it is going to be interesting to see.

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  4. As a member of the Online Guild for a couple of years I’m not sure where the miss information about the costs to join originate. For a full year the UK cost is only £31. The rest of the world cost for a full year is £45. Included in your subscription is a years supply of the WSD Guild magazine Journal which would normally cost £20 per annum for UK members. These figures are from the Guild website and probably do not yet reflect any changes to postal charges, but it is still an amazing deal.
    Not sure where you are getting £90 figure from, but you are not the first to quote it.

    Hope you don’t mind me setting the record straight.

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    1. of course I do not mind at all, and indeed if I misunderstood then this is a heck of a good deal!
      I got my figures from the membership application form – it reports 4 figures which look like quarterly instalments, varying between £31 and £18, and I thought I had to add them up!!! (I downloaded the foem from the association website, at this link:

      My bad, I will correct my post, and thanks so much for the correction!


  5. Funny you are on sleeve island. Can I borrow that term? I just started the sleeves on my sweater (jumper). For me it’s taking a break from the body. The sleeves are all stockinette except for the decreasing which is still simpler to knit than the lace pattern of the body.

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    1. I would like to say it is my own creation, but I picked up “sleeve island” from the knitting community! Actually I don’t mind knitting sleeves at all, though for this particular yarn having to manage four balls is a bit of a drag, it does make the project less portable, but that’s all. Enjoy your knitting!


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