A competent but not exceptional knitter when a girl,  as many I learned from my mum and from my (paternal) grandmother. My only additional source of knowledge was the “Maglia: ferri e uncinetto” (loosely translated as “Knitting and crochet”), by Maria Rosa Giani, published in 1964 as a supplement to a women’s magazine:

book_DB0056_1I used to knit mostly sweaters in pieces (so I knit stranded sweater in pieces – blessed ignorance!) and dolls in the round, with DPNs. I put down the needles when I started university, and that was at the end of the eighties… I caught the bug again, and it has been fun catching up with everything from techniques to technology I knew nothing about – Like all “born-again-something” I am know going to go at it with a lot of zeal!

I knit mostly garments.

I started weaving in January 2020, and it has become even more than an obsession than knitting – garment weaving means sewing pieces together, so I’ve found myself moving baby steps into sewing too.

There are plenty of very competent bloggers out there, much more competent and apt crafters than I am, and I do not expect to teach anything to anyone – this blog is just to commit my notes to paper as I go along, and to have all my useful links in one place.

I am lovestoswatch on Ravelry and Instagram.

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