Catching long floats: ladderback-jacquard for hand knitting

neat technique to catch very long floats

I have learned this technique first from Grete Jenssen‘s pattern Heartbreaks, used as a “warm up” for Linda Marveng‘s Cambridge Cardigan. In Grete’s pattern there is a float that extends over tens of stitches (a maximum of 106 in my case), but the techniques makes it all rather tidy at the back:


It is in the same spirit as double knitting, with the difference that only one column of stocking stitch is worked on the WS of the work.

I have later learned that it is a technique commonly used in machine knitting, and in a 2014 thread in Ravelry where Brigiet reverse engineered it, though maybe someone else did also had figured it out earlier. I’ve also found a more recent tutorial by sockmatician here. I suspect it has even older origins.

It is easy to use, and rather practical. I am also contemplating using it to do the embroidery part of the Cambridge Cardigan, let’s see!

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