Woollen vs Worsted spun

What’s the difference? Some sources of info I found interesting are listed below, each is a relatively long read. I understand the Jamieson and Smith’s, but there is only one picture comparison that I really get there, the one with the fair isle motives; I cannot detect much difference (in fact, any difference) in the comparison between the lace samples.

I list the link in the order in which I think they work best (from fibre to yarn).

Hilltop Clouds on Woollen vs Worsted.

Jamieson and Smith’s blog on Woollen vs Worsted

Sue Blacker (Blacker Yarns) on Woollen vs Worsted

Brooklyn Tweed on Woollen vs Worsted

Jillian Moreno (Mason Dixon Knitting) on Woollen vs Worsted

“Knitwear Design Workshop: A Comprehensive Guide to Handknits”, by Shirley Paden

This is an amazingly useful book if you want to take a dive at customising patterns to fit a body shape. I am no expert, but find it very comprehensive, very clearly written, I could not be happier I’ve bought it. I use it heavily too 🙂

More information and a book preview on Shirley Paden‘s website.

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