Year Of Projects: week 5

oh dear, not even 10% into year 10, and I am already skipping a beat! I did not post a week 4 update as really I had no progress to report, apart a few rows of knitting. But this last week I have managed to make some progress, as well of course register some new weaving setback.

The good news first: I have completed the body of my second Squall sweater, including neckband. Here is a not-too-pretty picture:

I have also started the sleeves, which means managing 4 balls of yarn, as because this is kettle died, you want to alternate skeins – by the way, though I do not need this for the sleeves, but I needed it for the body, here is a super neat way of alternating skeins absolutely invisibly (that is without a “column” of stitches at the change), this is now my customary method of alternating skeins in the round (if you are impatient, skip to minute 2:00):

Now for the setback. I finished threading the heddles, and using my new “magic wand” I sleyed the reed and it looked like all was well and I could just tie my warp to the front beam and start weaving:

and then I discovered this:

shock horror!!!

Shock horror, forget about tension in this warp 😱

Well, not much to do here, the only way out is to unbeam, i.e. roll out the warp from the back beam through the heddles and to the front. It is a long warp, so anything that could go wrong is going wrong as expected: weights at the front to keep the bouts in tension do not work, as all the threads in a bout are of a different length, so the weight does not pull evenly. Then the heddles work as a comb at the back, and the yarn is bunching against them, forming a tangle at each turn of the back beam. And at the front, due to differential length, all sorts of loops are forming. The warp is cotton, the threads do have a tendency to stick together:

Good thing that I am patient…

It looks like the coming week will be devoted to sorting out this mess – hope one week is enough!

This is a year of projects (YOP) update. YOP is a Ravelry Group, and an idea – make a plan for the year ahead for all your fibre activities, then update your blog every week if you manage. The objective is to keep track of progress on any fiber crafts with maximum flexibility: post, don’t post, follow your list, change it – so really it is just an opportunity to get to know of more blogs and activities of those who share a passion for anything fibre crafts. My YOP graphics “nicked” with thanks from Backstageknits!

Author: lovestoswatch

I used to knit as a girl, then hanged the needles for two/three decades, and now I’m back, and loving it! The photo is my version of Linda Marveng's Aki, the first proper project after "being born again". After getting back into knitting, weaving has also become my passion (with a little sewing to turn my handweaving into garments).

12 thoughts on “Year Of Projects: week 5”

  1. Patient? I’d say you are a saint! I would be cursing so hard that it would embarrass truck drivers from near and far. I love the sweater pattern and I will check out the youtube – managing four balls of yarn – yikes!

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  2. So sorry you are having so many troubles with your weaving. It takes the fun right out of it. I was watching Misty Percel who has a podcast and is a weaver and she was having problems and finally called the manufacturer and discovered her “springs” were installed wrong? Anyway, she was glad she called.
    Your sweater is lovely and thankyou for the video on alternating skeins.

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  3. Wow the sweater is really coming along, sweater island is tough enough with stockinette arms…with cables that must be tricky. But oh my goodness I could shed a tear for your weaving project. I had to undo a much shorter cotton warp a few months ago and had to do it one great at a time as when I tried together they would stick to each other like crazy and that was only on a 10” loom. That is heartbreaking after all your time slaying it and like Mary-Anne I’d be swearing and crying and some more swearing. and don’t worry about skipping a week. However, I’ve got confidence you can resolve it and during August we will see some exciting material emerging .

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    1. thank you for the encouragement Liz, the worst case scenario is that I cannot fix it, in which case in my mental accounting i’ll pretend I’ve taken a course on weaving… but hopefully I’ll fix it!


  4. Squall is looking wonderful, and you are so close to finishing. The weaving incident sounds bad, but I’m sure you will sort it! Good luck.


  5. Your Squall sweater is looking beautiful – impeccably knit! And, while I’d seen that video before, watching it a second time I am amazed at how simple is her process for changing yarns in a project knitted in the round. Thanks for sharing that.

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